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Will it be decentralized or under bitmain's call? Dash relies on *the network*, not on corporations. And Dash's funding source isn't centered in one place so many times apply and get $
Bitmain is calling all developers to create uses to build on Bitcoin Cash. Just because they do something as a business to create BCH value, doesn't mean it's centralized.
the IP. Its in a legal trust owned by the ~5k masternodes, which means they are legally bound to produce the best return for Dash or get fired.No other chain has that Or anything close
I guess some people are getting fired.
No but that's exactly what it means. They could be attacked, shut down, its a **central** point of failure. Dash has decentralization built into everything. Dash Core doesn't even own
Hey you got here at the right time! Have fun with Septmike! Thanks for spreading the word about #DASH! But i actually see issues in the proposal system as it requires funds to propose.
Here's an actual proposal from a monero troll luckily it was heavily downvoted. But he had to pay 5 dash for that.
Well I dont know if thats trolling. He had some legit arguments. Core Group didnt hit the milestones on time and is consuming huge ressources. He also got people to vote yes for it.
Only 154. 1054 said no, which is pretty stunning. The fact is his proposal was based on fud and not fact. Several refutations were posted on r/dashpay
They're just dressed up to see legit. Core's o.g. timeline came about yrs b4 they knew how hard it would be. After that they were much better. The resources they consume are natural
I see many ressources being wasted to pay taxes on the #DASH proposal board. Paying rent already includes paying taxes thats horrible enough but paying taxes on salaries is hilarious.
Other coins WISH they could pay the taxes on their devs market rate salaries! Dash doesn't wish, Dash just does!
If #DASH pays their employees in anything but DASH it is just embarrassing. #DAO should only hire freelancers which then can decide by themselves to pay tax or not.
All DCG employees and all dash contractors ONLY receive Dash for payment. Conversion to fiat is done on a personal basis.
to have a central location for meetings etc. It may be hilarious to you, but what I find hilarious is coins complaining about it when they don't have any such worries!
You can always find solutions not to pay taxes, #TRBC never paid taxes & we also did rent an office, we paid $120 each month for a beautiful co-working space, this is efficiency.
Understandable. But DCG is trying to build a certain brand. They want all markets incl. the US, so they deliberately avoid tax-avoidance for brownie points. Its a diff strategy.
Venezuela grows so much faster on less funds. Africa. India. Asia. You can invest anywhere more efficient than in the U.S. It can go viral much easier because people are more social.
True, but DCG is trying to grow ALL OVER the globe, not just those places. I wrote a thread actually on Dash's growth in those areas so I agree to an extent:
You call that being wasted, I disagree. DCG has evaluated all scenarios including operations in tax havens. This is currently the cheapest all things considered. Rent is necessary
Well, the 5 Dash required is an antispam feat. we were gonna get rid of it, but its still useful. Otherwise we'd have xmr trolls posting proposals every month without paying.
You can avoid spam in other ways. No need to charge #DASH. And spam has to be written, which takes more time than partially reading & ignoring it. I think free proposals would help.
Incorrect, spam only has to be written ONCE, but it will waste the time of MANY MNOs simultaneously. Free proposals would be a disaster. I trust Evan and DCG to engineer a good system.
Reddit has a built in spam protection which works. It delays posts & comments for new users. Requesting DASH to put proposals only serve the DASH establishment to stay in their seats.
posting wouldn't have any effect against a determined attacker. Even reddit only works against non-determined spammers. If you wanted you could easily get around that delay.
You are crazy to believe that people have such a high interest in spamming the proposal system of #DASH. Spam is only spam in fascist environments, otherwise it is another opinion.
forums and posting disruptive crap 24/7. They used to be able to post during MN deliberations and they made it horrible! Please don't dismiss my.our lived exp. that is very offensive!
No I'm smart. The Dash community has been constantly attacked by virulent trolls from xmr for 4 years now. Many posts on bitcointalk, reddit calling Dash a scam etc. spamming our disc.
Dash is not a scam. It's just not being accepted by society. Otherwise it would have been one of the top cryptos before 1600+ cryptos came out.
It 'hasn't been accepted' because of fudders calling it a scam though. So that hurt adoption. Still, it is #6 out of 800 mineable POW coins, so it has some adoption.
Bull Shit. The people that actually would make a difference in the price going up don't valuate from message boards.
You can't seriously compare the two can you? One is posting your cat pics, the other is determining where $1 million per month goes. Charging for proposals keeps spam out. Delayed
It is actually much more lucrative to spam Reddit for marketing purposes than spamming the #DASH proposal system. DASH is missing opportunities because of that inflexible approach.
That's YOUR problem! Dash has over 30 proposals per month not counting Dash Boost, our budget is nearly 2x requested than what we can allocate. WE'RE FINE THANKS!
What do you mean "Our Budget". You are taking ownership. Are you a paid pumper from the Dash Core team?
I have no affiliation nor monetary connection to DCG. I am not paid by anyone to post here. I am a member of the Dash community, hence 'Our'.
It is still OUR problem or do you want to use #DASH alone?
I don't get the question...
Look, you can believe whatever you want, but I'm telling you from personal exp. that you're wrong. Having that anti-spam fee is the best thing Dash ever did and if you disagree well
Check reddit & you will see it is impossible to get spam on the first page because the users will downvote it before. A private reddit instance where only MN can vote would work.
Problem is that that requires 'curators' and those curators can and have been corrupted. Fees cannot be corrupted or politicized if done by blockchain.
Actually you are totally wrong, the community filters spam by simply not upvoting it & even downvoting it. Moderation in Reddit exists because of legal liabilities not because of spam.
passionate about something you clearly do not understand fully. Dash's anti-spam feature has prevented many bad proposals. Anyone arguing otherwise is completely ignorant! Sorry
Now you say #censorship is a good thing.
You said that not me. I said anti-spam is good. There is no censorship there.
Would you like your emails to be auto filtered for spam without you having any spam folder?
My emails *are already* autofiltered for spam. I don't know what having a spam folder or not has to do with it. Anyway what's that got to do with anything? Your assertion's too vague
I'm speaking of the moderators acting on behalf of specific communities. But w.e. I don't care about reddit's spam. Dash's anti-spam feature works great! Its weird that you're so
What other ways do you know to avoid spam? BTC also uses fees to avoid 'spam'. Charging #Dash let's ppl prove they value the time of the MNs. Its too much reviewing all proposals.
Dude, I'm sorry for all the Dash hate your getting. But you don't get to claim BCH is centralized while saying Dash isn't. Dash is pretty centralized. Not saying that's bad.
And I don't mind the hate. Compared to these last two years battling XMR trolls this is a warm embrace! BCH and Dash really share a lot, so this is more like sibling rivalry :P
Yeah, I can get behind Dash a bit, I just wish bitcoin had stayed true to form instead of becoming the monster it currently is.
Imagine if all this innovation and all these good ideas had to pushed through btc core devs *UGH* it took four years to get a freakin' constant updated! No way they'd keep up with Dash
I understand. I look at the bright side of it; without it we wouldn't have all the great altcoins doing their own research. PIVX pushing the privacy game, ZCoin/Cash/Dash, etc.
In what ways is Dash centralized? 5k Masternodes vote to spend 10% of block rwd which goes to various different groups competing for funding. Sounds decentralized to me.....