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The time to buy Bitcoin Cash is now.
yep. CSW and Calvin Ayre are probably selling their BCH which is what is putting pressure on the price.
Probably also Jihan as his IPO is going down the drain. So he needs someone to drop his bags on.
I am sure Jihan sold his BSV but stilll holds BCH.
Great! Eventually, he will need more liquidity so he will dump BAB on you.
Dude. Grow up.
Dude, Get real.
Dude, that was creative.
Give him a break, he's just a kid.
wtf is bab?
Wannabe bitcoin, money for Babblers.
So bab stands for SV?
BAB stands for Bsavepointed Aumaurys Bspreadsheets. lol
Do you have any bch balance?
Of course, all my cryptocurrency balance is BCH.