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"Prediction: LN will be pretty irrelevant for the next 5+ years. Only Bitcoin geeks would put up with it. It offers many inconveniences in exchange for 1 convenience: the ability to microtransact for small fees. But
you get that anyway on BCH.
I don't think LN on BTC as it is currently architected will ever become more than a computer science curiosity."
Nothing supports this argument better than the fact that LN is 3 years late and it's being hyped using lies and blatantly bullshit marketing campaigns.
It's ok to don't like LN, but it has some interesting use cases (see, LN apps could be a huge thing)
Coinspice made a video about LN, they show that it's easy to use
Let's don't play innocent, you know very well BTC restricted its on-chain scaling and put all its eggs in the LN basket. The LN doesn't just have to be useful, it has to solve scaling.
Yeah the reliance on LN is what ruined BTC for me, they have a perfect, simple scaling mechanism and they're not using it because it helps them shill Liquid and collect LN fees
You sir, have a functional brain.

If you don't put all the eggs on the LN basket it won't work cause it needs capacity. But yeah it needs to solve that ..
They let bch-guys fork off, that's more than enough
That's not exactly right: they don't let anything, we just don't need their permission to fork off.
Bch has like 10% of btc hashrate and same hash algo isnt it ? So yeah you need their permission
But miners are not against BCH at all.