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81d · SOUR
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replied 81d
I always lose in 3rd round when I play Poker :((((((((((
replied 81d
haha yeah, it's definitely not easy! Low stakes tournaments are a great way to build your skills though. Keep trying & play smart! :D
replied 81d
it's all end up with 0 on my hands... :(.... haizzzzz poker's really something I can't learn fast & earn some coins ... not same with Routledge & Dice :(
replied 81d
Should I consider the tip is another way to support me continue playing poker??? ^^... On, I used nick Fewness, pls take it easy when seeing that name :(
replied 80d
Do you know how to assign a URL/Document to an existing SLP token?
replied 79d
Not possible as far as I know. It has to be set during creation & none of the details can be edited after the fact (except a minting baton can be used or destroyed I guess).