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replied · 187d
I did explain why they matter. It explained which qualities were disimilar and how it makes your comparison break down. How much do you need it spoon fed to you?
All the way to where you get off the platitudes and give an argument.
replied · 187d
I gave a list of disimilar qualities. I have spoon fed the argument to you.
Yes, you gave me a list of platitudes. No, that is not spoon feeding. It is intellectually dishonest conversation. And I did explain why this is so.
replied · 187d
You gave a strawman of why you think it is so. You have not, because you can not, actually refute why those disimilar qualities make your comparison fail.
It is your job to show how they make the comparison fail, not mine.
replied · 186d
I did. Quit repeating yourself.