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replied · 344d
Perhaps you could define what you mean by happiness.
Feeling happy in your emotions. Feel happy with the expression of happiness on your face. Experience happiness inside your mind&body. Feel the feeling of happiness as much as possible.
replied · 344d
Happiness without deeper any meaning is as empty (and destructive) as nihilism. Happiness can't exist without the contrast of mundanity. Perpetual happiness would be merely normal.
I have been making happiness my default feeling for the past year and I can promise you that it is not mundane and it has only enriched my life. Life is better when you Feel Happiness
replied · 343d
Maybe you'll have to define it better. I think thankfulness, contentedness etc. are precursors to occasional happy moments. You can still be sad/disappointed but choose to be thankful.
I do agree with what you said though about “you can be sad/disappointed but choose to be thankful”.
Very true
Being sad/disappointed can happen but holding onto that feeling is where the problems occur. Being thankful/content can happen and holding onto that is where happiness occurs.
replied · 343d
When bad things inevitably happen in your life choosing to be happy about it is pathological. Someday your parents are going to die. Friends will betray you. You need a better plan.
Bad things will always happen, sure, but focusing on the bad only makes it worse. Finding the good within the bad brings better perspective/insight. It’s not pathological at all.
When my parents eventually die, I will be grateful and happy for the many wonderful years we shared. When a friend betrays me I can be happy for all the joys we shared & hope them well