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@Memo There seems to be a hard limit of 25 unconfirmed actions, could you please lift it?
This limit is actually not set by memo but by BCH nodes :( I'm trying to get this limited removed.

UTXOs could potentially be juggled to mitigate, but it would be kinda ugly.
Alternative, paid accounts with multiple private keys for frequent posters.
Actually the key used doesn't matter, it's about chains of UTXOs.
A chain of UTXOs from the same IP address?
No, just any chain unconfirmed UTXOs can't exceed 25.
Well, ok, don'know enough detail here, but _some_ astroturfing method could be used (for good) to allow more tx's, no?
A single key can control multiple UTXOs, and due to memo tips most memo accounts usually do. So these could be juggled to mitigate the limit.
Btw, there's an unlinked page for viewing all your UTXOs -
Btw, here's the value in ABC. Technically it's configurable, but I'm not aware of anyone changing it.
lol, you seem to be on a war path to have the most actions. hitting the limits of the tech! 😜