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What you do is indicate it is up to me to fill in the blanks (how blueness messes up air travel) and then refute. This is preposterous.
And no, it is not sufficient to say "Well, not only is the sky blue, the forest has snakes too". You keep doing this. Platitudes like "scale" are not enlightening to me.
If instead I were to say "when the sky is blue, the atmosphere gets super hot, so the wings of the plane melt and fall off", then I would have at least a real (albeit poor) argument
You were on the right track a bit with the aging population argument, except of course you missed that the same could be used for families. At least that was an attempt.
replied · 187d
You should try comparing to a similar style of argument. Your long example has nothing to do with the argument I gave at all.
You keep making this unfounded assertions. They always show to be wrong when we investigate them. Then you go on to new ones. I think you actually manage to fool yourself with this.
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To use your formula, I explained how your comparison of A and B broke down due to factors c, d, e, and f were disimilar, and it is those qualities that matter when comparing A and B.
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I have not gone on to k
New ones. Funny because you said I was repeating them before. I'm still waiting for any attempt to show why the disimilar qualities I gave were wrong.
And you might get one, once you show they are relevant.
replied · 186d
Oh I have. Many times. Since you cant refute them though you pretend they didn't happen. I get it. You cant back up your words.
I did refute it. c, d, e ...k, they are all of the form of my new airplane argument platitudes. It does not matter how many platitudes you add, they are still just platitudes.
replied · 187d
They are not in the form of your airplane argument at all actually. You have yet to actually refute the points. You are just hand waving them away by misinterpreting them.
OK, if you had a good argument, you would make that one, and stick to it. But never mind that. Pick one here and now and present it properly.
replied · 186d
Quit repeating yourself.
Pick your best argument and repeat it here. As if you mean it.