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replied 179d
Limited to a daily output. As well as numerous other measures to prevent spamming from repeated addresses.
replied 178d
Limited to how many a day? What if I have 1000 addresses and I spine them up using a headless browser with proxy? I think Google login can help
replied 175d
It's about 2500/day right now, limited every 2 hours. I really have no interest in integrating privacy invading Google but I'm working on implementing some other spam protections.
replied 175d
I agree that using Google is invading privacy, but there should be a barrier to stop bots efficiently 🤔
replied 173d
I think the faucets need to put some log-in process in stead of using the filling- in section.Registered account will limits the time for requesting or registering new acc
replied 175d
Definitely, I've been working on protecting against spammers & bots ever since I deployed the darn thing. Has been working to a degree but scammers are resourceful. I'll keep at it tho