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I'm sorry; I don't understand what you're saying.
Going back: "Some services do not work by market dynamics." Explain?
How does involuntary interaction work better than voluntary?
Some systems work best when funded by q public entity. Military being an obvious example, healthcare as well. Healthcare doesnt follow supply and demand. You cant compete with life.
By work best I mean work most efficiently in terms of cost benefit analysis.
Systematic theft is more efficient than voluntary interaction and trade?
Could you share with me your cost-benefit analysis system?
That remark was purely about public healthcare vs private healthcare. Since life and death don't lend well to simple supply and demand metrics it isn't a free market issue.

Means, works in best interests of the majority of the people, which is good for society and its health in general, also works better for people that work in these public businesses
Based on what do you claim that, Ed?
How is systematic theft good for society?
Astonishing !
You have just revealed the fact that
share identical intentions to thieve from others to support their invisible line friends.
Pure Memo Gold
Yeah I'm rather surprised myself, especially given that Ed is in support of BSV and capitalism (I thought?).
Cognitive dissonance much?
I am not in support of Capitalism, never was or said I was. Also Bitcoin system with PoW is not Capitalist system, I even explained why in my videos.
I watched about 6 min of this one:

Is that the right one?
Made a comment on it.
Systematic theft happens right there in Capitalism itself