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Avalanche seems like a great idea the more I hear about it. Helos scaling, and protection against double spends.
I agree. Safe 0-conf is huge for merchant adoption.
And that's precisely why anti-BCH and BSV shills attack it so much and FUD it, because it's a step in the right direction. BSV doesn't even try to address these issues, it does wants
just wants to fulfill "Satoshi's Vision" (taking ownership of the brand),and just another step in a strategy devised years ago which is trying to make hardforking away of BS impossible
No it has some issues. It changes the "incentives of bitcoin", it changes how bitcoin works, it's not necessary, and some others things
Does it have to change how Bitcoin works though? It looks like it can be used for preconsensus about what transactions go in a block. Cant it work within blockchain PoW?
And it works within PoW, just allows for a quick mempool sync. I wouldn't dare to say it doesn't touch economics incentives without more research, though.
The most obvious way I can see it touching economic incentives is by not letting the miner decide which transactions to include. It would just include all that reached avalanche.
Great idea for a centrally planed miners uncompetitive socialist coin.
No, it isn't for BSV. It is for BCH. I guess BSV could also use it, but it would go against their plan to not allow any innovation.
Innovation 😂🤣😂