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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
never heard about it before :)
Is this real or a joke?
I have some of it
litecoin or litecoin cash? did cash split from the LTC chain as BTC/BCH did?
litecoin cash. yes. i had some ltc at the time of the split.
But LTC has very little value - unless you were a LTC whale - current price is 2.5 cents per LTC - Only created to mock BCH
I meant LCC has very little value - and basically no use or adoption
They claim to have created it so people with old ASIC miners could use them for something. I actually mined it for awhile with a couple of Antminer S3's. No profit but it was fun.
what I assumed, idk why someone would buy litecoin cash. 🤷‍♀️
Agree. Also it has been 51% attacked.
lol dang
Hehe. What else to expect? A shit coin fork of ltc changing to sha256. One asic miner and it's gone.
Litecoin Cash was a pure scam. It was just to make money off the split because they were giving 10 coins for every one. It went to like 9.00 everybody made money and that was it.
hoping we get to a point where people learn these forks/icos are money grabbing scams. hopefully makes the community smarter/stronger over time.
I disagree with ICO's being a scam. Many are but it is a great new way for people to find funding for a new business. They can be done right. There have been legitimate ICO's.
yeah, I agree (I shouldnt have generalized so much), many are great & its an interesting way to raise money but so many seem like cash grabs.