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KptnKook isnt the only victim of David Share's abuse and censorship. I was too!

recently I was rebanned, after having been unbanned for a year (this required sucking up to David Shares). He says he rebanned me for "violating reddit TOS". No evidence either Here is my ban log:

Prior to David's suspension, he was on an unholy censorship spree. Check out modlogs!Prior to his suspension, David Shares was also banned from Imgbb for violating Imgbb TOS, and got a strike on his reddit acct for doxxing., David Shares tried to doxx me, again. (The first time:

This is how Twitter reacted LOL wasnt a spur of the moment thing, either. This doxxing was damn premeditated. He made threats to me days before. See here:, now that this tyrannical asshat is gone, its the perfect time to make memes of him getting his ass handed to him LOL

Memes of David Shares free to make some more funny memes and drop them below.

If you dont want to be reported for harassment, make the meme, archive it, then delete the source lmao